Assembly and Installation

When installing and assembling any kind of playground equipment, make sure you always follow the instructions from the manufacturer. The instructions are essential to making sure that everything is properly installed and that the individual components are used in the correct way. The instructions will also be useful for future repairs and inspections. Manufacturing and installation information should be kept and filed permanently. This will aid future inspections and make sure that your CPSI knows the best course of action to be taken in the event that the equipment is broken.

The anchoring process is an important part of the installation. Secure anchoring is a key element for equipment stability. This will ensure that the equipment support structures are buried deep enough that the equipment will not fall or tip out of place. Make sure that the crew you hired to install your equipment has experience and references because it is extremely difficult to correct problems with the anchoring.

After the assembly and installation process is complete, equipment needs to be inspected after it is assembled by a CPSI before it is cleared for use. This is the best way to manage the risk associated with installing a new playground and will help prevent serious injuries.