Playground Repairs

We want to ensure that every part of your playground is safe, fun, and up to code. We have the team and the equipment to fix broken equipment or patch safety surfacing, and the expertise to make lasting, code compliant repairs. Instead of relying on cheap, quick solutions, we use quality, long-lasting materials. We will never cut corners during the installation, and we make sure that everyone involved in the repair knows how to do the work properly.

Repairs are a Part of the Inspection Process

Doing inspections alongside repairs is the best strategy for thorough risk management. Our CPSIs might find a hazard that you missed when looking at the playground yourself. The inspection process allows us to do our work properly and ensure the code compliance of the whole area. All repair projects must be preceded by an inspection of the entire playground. To save you money we offer a wide variety of Do-it-yourself playground surfacing repair products.

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