Trassig offers a variety of services in order to ensure that your playground is safe and well maintained. We have a team of experienced, certified playground inspectors who are ready to help you make sense of ASTM and CPSC regulations. Playground audits and inspections are simply the best-practice for playground safety; they can help prevent injuries, lawsuits, and liability claims. By looking at your plans for a new project or by doing a full site inspection, we can show you ways to improve safety and bring your playground up to code. We also offer a series of compliance training classes that can help educate you and your organization on the basics of playground regulations, maintenance, and risk management. It is our mission to make sure that playgrounds stay safe and stay open so that children have environments where they can play, imagine, and grow.

Ways we can Help:

  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Audits
    • ASTM audits
    • ADA Audits
  • Compliance Training
    • Introduction to playground code
    • Playground Risk management
    • Playground Maintenance Boot Camp
    • Personnel compliance Training 
    • Playground ADA compliance training 
    • Poured in Place Boot Camp 

Contact us:

Email us at or call us at 203-659-0456 with any questions or concerns!

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