Playground Liability Management

Playground Liability and Risk Management Infographic

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Playgrounds are places that provide a unique opportunity for children to develop physically, socially, and creatively. At Trassig, we believe that the active, outdoor play that playgrounds make possible is an essential part of every childhood. Risk management is an important series of strategies that will allow you to maintain these spaces for all of the children in your community by preventing injuries and lawsuits.

What will the course cover?

The proper management of playgrounds requires familiarity with a lot of specific codes. We have over 100 years combined experience with all of the hazards and regulations that will help you keep your playground safe and open. In this course, we will go over all of the ASTM and ADA codes, playground hazards, common injuries, and more.

How is the class available?

Like all of our other courses, this class is offered both in person and online. It is two hours long and in order for the in-person class to run we need a minimum of four people to RSVP and we can host up to 20 people. It will cost $225 per person attending. The online class needs a minimum of six people and can have a maximum of 10 people enrolled. It costs $185 per person.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions about the class and our schedule at 203-659-0456.