Sliding Poles

Sliding Poles: The BasicsSliding poles are a simple way to add a more exciting element, allowing kids to leave platforms quickly as they play with others, encouraging the use of upper body strength and creativity. This equipment is not recommended for children aged 2-5. Preschool-aged children have less developed upper body strength which means that they are more likely to fall and hurt themselves while attempting to use the pole.

Sliding poles are not to be confused with climbers, which need to follow a different set of regulations according to ASTM and CPSI code. This kind of equipment does not offer handholds or foot support in order to access the platform that it is attached to, unlike other forms of egress.

All sliding poles must extend 5’ above the platform, and need to be between 18 and 20” away from the platform. This kind of reach requirement is only applicable to sliding poles. The pole cannot have a diameter larger than 1.9”.