Spring Riders

Spring Riders are a unique piece of playground equipment. They come in several different types, such as cars, bikes, and animals. The different shape or form the spring rider is in can spark the creativity of children. They can be riding whatever they imagine and be riding to wherever their mind takes them. Spring riders allow children to bounce and rock and they are perfect for toddlers and preschool age children. They move back and forth by the child rocking on it, so children are able to develop muscle strength. They also must hold their body on the spring rider and they learn balance and motor skills.

Because spring riders are great for younger children it is important they are safe. They may not challenge older children enough who have developed better balance and strength skills. Younger children are still learning these skills and it may be harder for them to use the equipment. Creating a safe piece of equipment and area around the equipment then is extremely important. At Trassig we make sure that all playground equipment is up to code and as safe as possible.


The seat should only be made to fit the number of allowed users. For toddlers the seat should be no smaller than 12 inches and no taller than 16 inches. If a rider has opposing seats and allows for multiple children there should be 37 inches or more between the center of the seats. For preschool age children the seat should be no shorter than 14 inches and no higher than 28 inches. All riders should have handgrips and a place for feet. The rider should not allow for children’s hands or feet to get caught in the coils of the rocker. The fall height of riders is the distance between the highest section of the surface, or the seat depending on which is higher, and the safety surfacing below the rider.

Use Zone

The use zone for spring riders is at least six feet from the perimeter of the equipment at rest. This area may overlap with other equipment only if that piece of equipment also allows for a use zone to overlap and if the distance is at least six feet between the two pieces of equipment when they are both 30 inches high or smaller. The distance must be nine feet for more between the two pieces of equipment if they are more than 30 inches high. The use zones may only overlap if the spring rider is to be used from a seated position.