Fun With Balance Beams

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Balance beams are a great way for kids to practice gross motor coordination in an entertaining way. Kids are drawn to the challenging nature of balancing activities and will often practice until they master it.

Because they are elevated, balance beams are not recommended for toddlers. For pre-school aged kids from 3-5, the beam height should be no higher than 12 inches. This standard introduces younger children to the basics of balance without being too high off the ground.

For school aged kids 5-12, the maximum height allowed is 16 inches. Older kids will enjoy the thrill of balancing higher off the ground. Incorporating other components such as a spring or break between beams will add a higher level of challenge to the obstacle.

To determine the fall height of a balance beam, measure the distance between the top of the walking surface and the protective surfacing beneath it. Make sure there are no tripping hazards present.

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